Kolkata's Howrah Bridge to remain partially closed for 27 nights

Kolkata's Howrah Bridge to remain partially closed for 27 nights 

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A Kolkata police official said the Howrah Bridge would only be partially closed at night. The iconic Howrah Bridge was built during British rule, connecting Kolkata with the Howrah district. The bridge under construction over the Ganges is one of the busiest bridges in the city and has been in need of maintenance for a long time. 
After a lengthy trial run, the Kolkata Traffic Police has granted permission to begin maintenance work on the bridge.
"Maintenance work will initially take 27 nights. For this reason, he divided the Howrah Bridge into nine parts." Each section is only 200 meters long and "the construction work will be carried out over the next 27 days from 10pm to 6am," a police official told India Today.
A Kolkata police officer said, "At the moment, the bridge is still lightly congested with traffic, so we chose nights for this operation." 

On 19th April, a meeting was held between Kolkata Port Trust, Kolkata Police and Howrah Police Department regarding future maintenance work on Howrah Bridge. After the meeting, a joint team from Kolkata Traffic Police, Howrah Municipal Police and Kolkata Port Foundation visited the bridge and plans were drawn to start maintenance work.

Kolkata Police (Traffic) Deputy Chief Surya Pratap Yadav told India Today: It was assumed that there would be no significant problems with the passengers during the test run. Traffic management is also unaffected during this time. One side of the bridge remains open to traffic, but a third of the bridge is undergoing renovation work. Kolkata Police and Howrah Police are taking all possible measures to avoid traffic jams during construction.  

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