Mamta Banerjee Bans 'The Kerala Story' in West Bengal and said "Disorted Story"...

Mamta Banerjee Bans 'The Kerala Story' in West Bengal and said "Disorted Story"...

Adah Sharma's recently released film The Kerala Story has caused controversy across the country, with the film being reportedly removed from cinemas in Tamil Nadu and not showing in West Bengal. Because of concerns about the potential for violence and hatred in the state. In response, CM Mamata Banerjee announced a ban on the film to avoid potential conflict.

According to ANI's report, Mamata Banerjee said: This is to avoid any incidents of hate and violence and to maintain peace in the state," she added, adding, "What are the Kashmir Files?" What is the history of Kerala? ...that's a Disorted story."

In response to the decision, film producer Vipur Shah said: "If she does, we will take legal action. We will fight as long as it is legally possible." 

The President of Tamil Nadu Theatre and Multiplex Owners Association, M Subramaniam said: a local multiplex had already decided not to show the film due to the lack of known stars. For example, in Coimbatore, so far he has had two shows. One is Friday and the other is Saturday. They weren't doing well either. In light of this, the theater decided it was not worth experiencing threats such as protests.
Alongside Adah Sharma, Kerala Story also stars Yogita Bihani,Siddhi Idnani and Sonia Balani. Many viewers call the film "propaganda." Adha Sharma also recently took to her Twitter account to give an apt response to those who labeled The Kerala Story a "propaganda film". She called her own movie "real" and urged everyone to Google "ISIS" and "Bride" to find out the truth about her. 

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