The Batting Revolution: Jonny Bairstow and Ishan Kishan Redefine the Role of Wicketkeepers in Cricket


Cricket has always been a sport that thrives on evolution, and the role of wicketkeepers is no exception. Gone are the days when wicketkeepers were primarily selected for their skills behind the stumps. A new trend is emerging in the cricketing world, where wicketkeepers are being valued as much for their prowess with the bat as for their glove work. Jonny Bairstow from England and Ishan Kishan from India are two prime examples of how the game is witnessing a shift towards selecting wicketkeepers more for the runs they score.

jonny bairstow wicketkeeper

The Emergence of Batting Wicketkeepers:

Traditionally, wicketkeepers were regarded as gritty, lower-order batsmen who could contribute some valuable runs. However, the past few years have seen a significant transformation in this perception. Modern-day cricket demands dynamism and innovation in all aspects of the game, including wicketkeeping.

Jonny Bairstow's Impact:

Jonny Bairstow, the English wicketkeeper-batsman, has been at the forefront of this transformation. Known for his explosive batting, Bairstow has demonstrated that wicketkeepers can be formidable top-order batsmen. His ability to take on the opposition's bowlers from the get-go has provided England with a new dimension in limited-overs cricket. Bairstow's knack for converting starts into big scores has been instrumental in England's success in white-ball cricket.

Ishan Kishan's Meteoric Rise:

Ishan Kishan, the young Indian wicketkeeper-batsman, has taken the cricketing world by storm with his breathtaking stroke-play. Bursting onto the scene in the Indian Premier League (IPL), Kishan showcased his incredible talent, fearlessly taking on the best bowlers. His fearless approach to batting and adaptability to different game situations have earned him accolades from cricket pundits and fans alike. Kishan's inclusion in the Indian national team reflects the growing emphasis on wicketkeepers who can make significant contributions with the bat.

ishan kishan wicketkeeper

The Impact on Team Strategy:

The increasing significance of batting wicketkeepers has changed team dynamics in various ways. With players like Bairstow and Kishan in the side, teams can afford to play an extra bowler or an all-rounder, providing better balance to the team. Their ability to accelerate the scoring rate in the early overs or during the middle phase of an innings has proved to be a game-changer.

A Boost to Wicketkeeper's Confidence:

The traditional role of a wicketkeeper is undoubtedly challenging, requiring impeccable reflexes and agility. However, the new trend of selecting wicketkeepers more for their batting abilities has given these players a confidence boost. They no longer feel the pressure of having to score runs solely as a bonus to their primary job. Instead, they are now actively expected to make meaningful contributions to the team's batting lineup.


The emergence of batting wicketkeepers like Jonny Bairstow and Ishan Kishan marks an exciting shift in the landscape of cricket. As the game evolves, the emphasis on wicketkeepers who can wield the willow with authority and provide substantial runs has become more apparent. This trend not only adds depth to the batting order but also showcases the importance of versatility in modern-day cricket.

As we move forward, it will be fascinating to see more countries adopting this approach and nurturing wicketkeepers who are not just exceptional behind the stumps but also reliable run-scorers. The era of the batting wicketkeeper has arrived, and it is here to stay, ushering in a thrilling new chapter in the sport's storied history.

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